Funny how the newer characters of stranger things are easily outshining the original cast. max & robin PERFORMED in the 4th ep.

Stranger things eleven el screaming i don’t understand season 4 shaved head bald reaction video meme

Stranger things police officer screaming shut up while people yell argue season 4 reaction video meme

The fact you have created a meme including both Big River and Stranger Things just makes me like you even more, as if that was even possible to begin with

Can't wait

watching stranger things and i kept thinking why the hell is eddie so familiar?? where i saw this fellow lah? then just now, i was reading a tweet right and i see the meme in the tweet and omg, that’s where i knew him from

Stranger things will byers your your mom ur mom video joyce saying hold him down while siren plays in the background season 2 reaction video meme

Vecna is very busy these days. (Viral stranger things memes)

5 Rings

Can't wait to listen to

Viral Funny stranger things memes: it’s one of the best of the series! it’s also funny how el wasn’t even in this ep & it’s my fav bc of how quality it is

Demogorgan in a car stranger things reaction video meme

Dustin and suzie singing a never ending story while robin and steve are being chased by a demogorgan in a car stranger things reaction video meme

"Last night. Last night, I saw things—things I can't explain. Things the police don't want to believe. And things that I don't want to believe myself. But I know what I saw, I know."  —Jason Carver